High Rise Building Registration

April 26, 2023
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Following on from the Building Safety Act 2022 new regulations come into force on 6th April 2023 that require all occupied high-rise residential buildings in England to be registered with the Building Safety Regulator. To do this, the Accountable Person for the building will be required to provide the regulator with key details of the building (including: address, number of residential units, height of the building, number of storeys, year the building was completed etc), and information about the Accountable Person(s).

Where there is more than one Accountable Person then the Principle Accountable Person, usually the one who owns the building or is legally responsible for the structure and exterior, will need to register the building.

For the purposes of these regulations the type of buildings that need to be registered are those defined in legislation as “higher risk buildings” that is buildings that are over 18 meters in height or which have 7 or more storeys and contain at least two residential units.

You can find more on the Building Safety Regulator’s campaign website at: https://buildingsafety.campaign.gov.uk/prepare-to-register-your-building/

Registration will close in October 2023. It is key to ensure that buildings are registered before this deadline as those with unregistered buildings will be investigated and face prosecution.

Future phases of the campaign will focus on helping the principle accountable person and accountable persons take ownership and manage risks associated with buildings and act now to comply with the new law.

If you have any questions or would like support with managing risk management issues, please speak to your usual contact or get in touch using the form below.