eLearning with xCenta

Our suite of online eLearning training modules delivers a convenient and cost-effective option to train your work force from any location via short, interactive health and safety courses.
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Manage your employee training with xCenta

At PIB Risk Management, we understand that training needs to be managed. Not only does effective management ensure that your employees stay current and that their training progress is tracked, it also means that you can demonstrate your company’s training record if you find yourself needing to defend your business, or yourself.

Our short, interactive health and safety courses ensure personnel have been adequately trained, helping employers demonstrate that they have fulfilled their legal duties and compliant.  Scalable and intuitive, our E-learning courses can support the reduction and likelihood of accidents, ill-health and well-being of staff, helping to attract talent and maintain staff.

Our xCenta eLearning platform features:

  • Multiple choice questions after each video.
  • Random question generation from large bank to prevent cheating and collaboration.
  • Automatic reporting of results to managers.
  • Employee training history and results.
  • Pass certificate printing.

Our xCenta system is an excellent way to organise your training. In very simple terms, you determine which employees need training, you can see when they did the training, you can check they passed any related “assessment” and you have a permanent record that is accessible online. If you want training carried out on a regular basis, then you can set the necessary reminders.

You can use xCenta for all your training needs, from induction training for all employees, to specialist topics affecting just a few people, or even to deliver training to external contractors before you allow them to work on your sites.

eLearning courses available in xCenta: