September 23, 2019
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Carrying out simple checks before a vehicle is used can be an effective way of spotting potentially dangerous issues or defects before vehicles are used and ensuring that vehicles are in good working condition.

For operators of commercial vehicles making sure that drivers carry out and record daily walk round checks of their vehicles can be a requirement of the organisation’s Operator’s Licence. DVSA inspectors can ask for a record of the walk round check if a vehicle is stopped for a roadside inspection.

All employers must make sure that work equipment is maintained is a safe and efficient condition. Whatever the type and use of a vehicle daily pre-use checks by the driver / operator are an important part of this alongside regular planned preventative maintenance and inspections based on time and / or mileage.

Exactly what should be included in a daily check will depend on the specific vehicle. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) recently updated their guidance on how to carry out effective walk round checks. This includes a 24 point heavy goods vehicle checklist covering:

Inside the vehicle Outside the vehicle
1. Mirrors and glass

2. Windscreen wipers and washers

3. Front view

4. Dashboard warning lights and gauges

5. Steering

6. Horn

7. Brakes and air build-up

8. Height marker

9. Seatbelts


10. Lights and indicators

11. Fuel and oil leaks

12. Battery security and conditions

13. Diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue)

14. Excessive engine exhaust smoke

15. Security of body and wings

16. Spray suppression

17. Tyres and wheel fixing

18. Brake lines and trailer parking brake

19. Electrical connections

20. Coupling security

21. Security of load

22. Number plate

23. Reflectors

24. Markings and warning plates


Further information including a new walk around check video can be found on the Gov.UK website at:

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