Updated Guidance on Protecting Buildings from Fire and Sprinkler Maintenance

March 17, 2023
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Updated building fire safety guidance documents have recently been made available from the Fire Protection Association / RISCAuthority, these include:

The latest edition of the guide “A to Z of essential principles in the protection of buildings”. This sets out to identify and order aspects of building design and construction that can be strengthened to protect property and business against damage from fire and water related events

“Sprinkler system service and maintenance: guidance, records and checklists” and the associated Appendix with template forms have also been updated. These are intended to assist owners, users and those involved in the maintenance of sprinkler systems

Finally “RC62 Recommendations For Fire Safety With PV Panel Installations” has also been updated. This provides fire safety recommendations for solar panel systems, While the guide is focussed on roof mounted commercial installations it will also be relevant to other systems

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