Scaffolding safety alert

July 20, 2018
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With the school summer holidays fast approaching the HSE have issued a safety alert reminding contractors and those in charge of construction work of the need to assess the site and ensure suitable measures are in place to prevent members of the public, especially children, from climbing scaffolds and ladders.

While it may not be possible to deter the most determined of trespassers there are actions that can be taken to prevent unauthorised access onto scaffolding and other work platforms. The safety alert states that site perimeter fencing should be the primary means of denial, but there may be a need for additional local fencing and routine removal of access ladders or use of locked guards or covers to make access ladders unavailable.

The full text of the safety alert which gives more information on site perimeter fencing, local fencing for vulnerable areas, ladder guards, ladder removal and other controls can be found at:

Please speak to your usual PIB Risk Management contact if you would like to discuss any aspect of safety for construction, demolition and refurbishment sites.