Pop-up Toilets Safety Notice

August 7, 2023
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The HSE recently issued a safety notice regarding a risk of crushing for persons involved in the maintenance of pop-up toilets. The safety notice follows a fatal accident where an individual was crushed when working beneath a raised pop-up toilet.

The hazards identified by the notice arise during the lowering of a raised pop-up toilet during cleaning, maintenance, or inspection activity and intentional or unintentional access to the chamber underneath a raised, unpropped pop-up toilet.


The safety notice highlights a number of actions that could be taken to manage the risk. These include:

  • Where practical eliminating the need for workers to reach or place themselves under a raised toilet e.g. by adapting systems of tools to enable work to be carried out work from outside the chamber
  • Implementing engineering controls to prevent a pop-up toilet form lowering when someone is working examples include moveable stops and stands which can be locked in position before anyone accesses the chamber beneath a raised toilet
  • Making sure that the toilet’s controls are safeguarded to prevent unintentional lowering of a raised toilet


Finally it should be ensured that all operatives have received appropriate training and information prior to working.

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