Platform lift safety alert

March 29, 2019
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The HSE have issued a safety alert regarding platform lifts (i.e.vertical lifting platforms used for assisting people with limited mobility) and the risk of falls from height.

The HSE has become aware of a number of incidents involving tampering with safety devices or inappropriate maintenance of door switches or unlocking zone bypass switches during maintenance. When combined with deterioration of the doors and their hinges, this has resulted in landing doors opening when the platform car is not at the landing allowing people to potentially access the lift well and fall down the open lift well or become trapped beneath a descending platform.

The HSE is recommending that owners and operators of such lifts review maintenance and inspection procedures to ensure that these are carried out by competent persons. Owners and operators should also introduce simple daily checks to confirm that landing doors cannot be opened when the platform is not at the same level and the platform cannot travel without the doors being closed and locked.

Full details of the safety alert can be found on the HSE’s website at: