New Safety Videos for Boaters using Inland Waterways

May 24, 2023
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A new set of five videos regarding the safe use of inland waterways, have been released by the Environment Agency in partnership with the Canal and River Trust.

The videos each cover a different topic and are all around 5 mins in length making them a quick and easy watch. Additionally the animated format of the videos makes them accessible and easy to understand.

The topics include:

Each topic highlights key hazards and covers the basics of safety, alongside the last video dealing with protecting the environment of waterways. The videos have been specifically created with those new to using waterways, primarily boaters and those hiring out boats, in mind.

The videos are designed to act in conjunction with the more detailed boater’s handbook published by the Canal & River Trust. The handbook can provide boaters with more detailed guidance regarding specific situations, hazards and techniques. Together these will allow boaters to safely use canals and waterways even when inexperienced.

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