New Responsible AI Guidance

April 9, 2024
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A guide to responsible artificial intelligence (AI) innovation has been developed and published by the Association of British Insurance (ABI). While this guide is focused on the insurance industry, the principles discussed will be relevant to others considering the use of AI in their operations.


The guide aims to help firms seeking to use AI to improve operations in the interests of customers while also identifying and minimising the potential risks that AI could pose. The guide follows the five guiding principles set out in the UK government’s AI Policy Paper, ‘AI Regulation: A Pro-Innovation Approach’, these being:

  • Safety, security, and robustness
  • Appropriate transparency and explainability
  • Fairness
  • Accountability and governance
  • Contestability and redress


The guide outlines the basic idea of AI and the consumer-centric approach that the sector desires before providing a summary of potential areas in which AI could be implemented within the sector. The guide then details risks, controls, good practices, and regulations regarding AI and its specific links to the insurance sector, including:

  • Key questions that films can ask themselves regarding AI prompt further action
  • Key risks associated with the use of AI in relation to consumers and regulations, as well as some potential controls to mitigate these risks
  • Good practices for AI usage
  • Regulations and legislation that apply to the use of AI


As the use of AI is set to grow in a number of sectors, it seems likely that more sector specific guides will be published by other bodies.


AI Guide Practical ideas for getting started with responsible AI can be downloaded from the ABI’s website.


AI Regulation: A Pro-Innovation Approach can be viewed and downloaded from the Gov.UK website.


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