New Guidance for Common Lifts in Construction

May 24, 2023
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A Schedule of Common Lifts publication has been released by The Industry Lifting Lead AP Group. This publication is designed to provide clear guidance on various lifting methods for different loads that are often used on construction sites.

The guidance is intended to help in the process of planning lifts, providing suggestions on the best practices to be used for different types of loads. The Industry Lifting Lead AP Group stress that the publication should be used as guidance and examples of good practice rather than acting as a direct substitute for lift planning, every lift is going to be different and will be affected by environmental factors.

The following details are given for each load discussed within the publication:

  • Load sizes
  • Max load weight
  • General load weights
  • Slinging method
  • Lifting accessories
  • WLL x mode factors
  • Resulting SWL
  • Safety considerations

In each example load specific measurements are given. It is important that a competent person reviews the plans and ensures that it is suitable for the specific project it is being used for including load size, weight, slinging requirements, and safety considerations.

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