Mechanics Warned of the Life-threatening Dangers of Working Under Vehicles

March 27, 2023
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There have been over 7000 injuries and 33 deaths in the motor vehicle repair industry over the last 5 years*.  Of these, 13 workers in the motor vehicle repair industry were killed when work took place under a vehicle that wasn’t properly supported. Furthermore, since April 2022, HSE has reported another four cases of workers being crushed to death by an incorrectly supported vehicle**.

Adrian Robinson, Managing Director of PIB Risk Management, reminds employers that even the most simple control measures can prevent loss of life and serious injury when working under vehicles. 

Never work beneath a vehicle that is only supported on jacks:

  • Use axle stands that are in good condition and inspected every year
  • Use stands on firm, level ground and securely located under a strong point on the vehicle
  • Securely chock wheels remaining on the ground
  • Do not exceed the rated capacity of the stand

Never work beneath a cab or tipping trailer unless it is propped:

  • Always prop cabs, trailers etc that could drop under their own weight
  • The prop should be locked in position before gaining access
  • If there is no prop fitted, or if one is fitted but you are unsure it will be effective, provide your own

Never crawl beneath a vehicle fitted with air suspension unless it is properly supported:

  • Prevent movement of air suspension, either by using suitably rated props or stands to prevent the chassis lowering or by deflating the system
  • Don’t tamper with the ride height for the purpose of recovery or repair