HSE Issue Motorsport Track Barrier Alert

October 31, 2023
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The HSE, alongside the Fife Council, has released a safety notice regarding the correct use of vehicle restraint barriers and generic directional segregation barriers on motorsport and leisure tracks. The notice is directed at anyone responsible for the safety of activities on such tracks.

The primary focus of the alert is to raise awareness of the importance of selecting the right type of barrier. Different types of barriers used on tracks will have design differences and specifications for different tasks. Barriers suitable for general traffic segregation may not be suitable for track use.

In order to minimise risks and ensure that barriers on tracks are made suitable, those responsible for such tracks are advised to:

  • Consult the barrier manufacturer or supplier to confirm it is suitable for its intended use.
  • For vehicle restraint purposes, only use purpose-made vehicle restraint barriers and not generic traffic segregation barriers.
  • Be aware that generic traffic segregation barriers are not necessarily designed for use as vehicle restraint barriers.
  • Make sure they understand the amount of maintenance required and the life cycle of vehicle restraint barriers.
  • Ensure that vehicle restraint barriers are suitable for the track they are being used on and suitably installed. Records should be kept to prove this.

The full alert can be found on the HSE’s website.

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