HSE Issue Carriage of Thermites Safety Alert

May 20, 2024
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Recently, the HSE issued a safety notice warning that thermites and articles containing thermite were being wrongly classified and labelled for transportation.

The HSE advised that they had found these items being classified and transported as either non-dangerous goods or as Class 4.1 dangerous goods (flammable solids) when they should have been classified as Class 1 dangerous goods (explosive substances and articles).

This could result in those handling such goods or emergency services arriving at the scene of a transport incident involving thermite not being aware of the actual hazards and, as a result, not taking the appropriate precautions. Additionally, incorrect classification will lead to the required controls not being put in place for the manufacture and storage of these goods.

The HSE emphasises that duty holders must not allow thermites and articles containing thermite to be confirmed for transportation without having ensured that the appropriate classification has been assigned and the goods appropriately labelled.

They also highlight that thermites and goods containing thermite should be manufactured and stored in accordance with the Explosives Regulations 2014, and any goods containing thermite being placed on the market should be done so in accordance with the Pyrotechnic Articles Safety Regulations 2015.

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