Farm Safety Campaign Launched

April 26, 2023
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The HSE have launched Work Right Agriculture a new campaign focussed on farm safety.

Alongside general advice for anyone working in agriculture, the campaign specifically targets workplace transport safety on farms.

The campaign highlights three key areas, these are:

Safe farm – taking action to segregate people from moving vehicles, including using barriers and posts in high traffic areas, having clearly marked routes and using signage, good lighting and high visibility clothing to make sure everyone can be seen.

Safe driver – with moving vehicles accounting for 30% of deaths on UK farms this highlights the importance of a safe stop procedure and ensuring the handbrake is applied when you leave a vehicle, ensuring mirrors and windows are kept clean and taking a moment to consider blind spots when manoeuvring and providing suitable operator training.

Safe vehicle – ensuring that vehicles are regularly checked and maintained in a safe condition.

You can find a range of guidance including some short videos on the campaign website at:

If you have any questions or would like support with managing risk management issues, please speak to your usual contact or get in touch using the form below.