Vibrating Alarms And Painted Cables – New Guidance Available

April 16, 2024
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The Fire Industry Association (FIA) have published two new guidance documents regarding the installation of fire alarm and detection systems.


The first gives technical guidance on installing vibrating devices such as vibrating mats or pillows used for alerting people who are sleeping and vibrating pagers / alerters such as those used by people with hearing difficulties or who work in noisy environments. This can be downloaded from the FIA website.


The second concerns the effects of painting fire alarm and detector cables. These cables are generally red in colour and have a fire-resistant coating to ensure that the system will operate when it is called on. Depending on where they are positioned, when a building is re-decorated, it is not unusual for cables to be overpainted and lose any identifying markings. There is also a concern that chemicals in certain types of paint could react with the cable sheath and reduce its effectiveness. The guidance can be downloaded from the FIA website.


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