Vehicle Lift Safety Alert

August 25, 2023
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The HSE has issued a safety alert regarding unsafe bolts on the BendPak XPR series two-post vehicle lift. Following an investigation into a fatal incident, an issue has been identified involving the use of bolts that do not meet the required standards for strength.

The affected bolts attach the lift arm’s restraint gear, and where these should be “8.8” class bolts, incidences have been discovered where “4.8” or even unmarked bolts have been used.  This increases the risk of the lift failing while under load.

The HSE suggests the following actions for users of the BendPak XPR series two-post vehicle lift:

  • Check if the bolts are the correct standard (minimum 8.8 bolts)
  • Check that bolts are tightened (correct torque of 33 ft/lb or 45NM)
  • Check that your lift has the newest arm restrain gear type (The new gears sit flush to the pin, and have circular rather than slotted or elongated holes, and have the appearance of being machined rather than cast)
  • Contact the lift supplier to get replacement parts if necessary
  • A competent person should replace the necessary parts
  • Ensure a thorough examination of the lift is undertaken by a competent person
  • Inspect and maintain the lift in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (includes regular checks, at least monthly, on the tightness of all bolted connections to ensure they are correctly torqued).

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