Updated Guidance for the Inspection of Steel Chimneys

March 5, 2024
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The Association of Technical Lighting and Access Specialists, ATLAS, has published revised guidance regarding the inspection of industrial steel chimneys. This is designed to provide general guidance on good practice to organisations with responsibility for inspecting and maintaining steel chimneys and builds upon the previous guide published in 2017.

Industrial steel chimneys are used in a wide range of industries and have many different designs, which affect the way in which inspections and maintenance should take place. ATLAS highlights that it is important to understand the design of the steel chimney prior to undertaking inspections.

The bulk of the guidance provides comprehensive information concerning the inspection of steel chimneys, split into key sections, and additional appendices to further aid in planning and undertaking inspections. Sections include information on why it is important to inspect chimneys, the law requiring the inspection of chimneys, the basic steps organisations and contractors should take when planning to undertake an inspection, the process of undertaking a chimney inspection, writing up a chimney inspection report, remedial works, and how often inspections should take place.

Alongside this guide, ATLAS provides a selection of other guides, safety bulletins, reports, and FAQs for protection against lightning and access at height.

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