May 21, 2021
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Hoists are often used in construction as a convenient way of getting people and materials to and from high workplaces. The consequences if a hoist was to fail while in operation could be serious or even fatal, to ensure safe operation it is vital that these are properly maintained and inspected.

The Construction Plant Association (CPA) have recently updated their best practice guide to the Maintenance, Inspection and Thorough Examination of Construction Hoists. This guide includes information on daily pre-use checks, inspections, thorough examination and maintenance of hoists.  It also includes check lists and report forms for pre-use checks, weekly inspections and thorough examination.

The guide is free to download from the CPA’s website at: https://www.cpa.uk.net/freedownload/?CHIG+Publications%7E%7E%7ECPA_CHIG1101_Maintenance-TE-Hoists-Revsion-210501.pdf

Please speak to your normal PIB Risk Management contact or get in touch using [email protected]  if you have any questions or would like assistance with assessing risks or managing safety at construction sites.