Updated Fire Safety Guidance for Construction Sites

August 30, 2022
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The HSE have recently revised their fire safety guidance for construction sites, “HSG168 Fire Safety In Construction”.

It is estimated that every year there are hundreds of fires on construction sites, potentially putting the lives of workers and members of the public at risk.

Where practical risks should be eliminated at the design stage.

The HSE’s guidance is split into three main parts covering:

  • The principles of fire risk assessment,
  • Detailed guidance on fire risk assessment and fire precautions, and
  • Legal and enforcement responsibilities

And four appendices covering:

  • Temporary accommodation units
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • A summary of basic precautions for all sites and additional precautions for higher risk sites, and
  • Who does what?

The main changes in the new edition include enhanced guidance on measures that can be taken to reduce or eliminate risk and the addition of a glossary of terms.

The updated guidance can be downloaded from the HSE’s website at: https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/hsg168.htm

Please speak to your normal PIB Risk management contact or get in touch using [email protected]  if you have any questions about managing fire safety on construction and demolition sites..