Time is Running Out To Register Your High Rise Building – Act now!

August 11, 2023
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Paul Lennon, Executive Director & Head of Strategy for PIB Risk Management, provides insight into the requirement to register your high rise building.

In June 2017 a fire started in a single flat in a London tower block, the cause of the fire was identified as a faulty kitchen appliance. That fire escaped the confines of the flat and spread rapidly through the building, resulting in the greatest loss of life in a residential fire in the UK in a century.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, the government launched enquiries to investigate the causes and identify what action could be taken to ensure that a predictable event such as a modest kitchen fire could never again have such devastating consequences.

The resulting Building Safety Act 2022 was introduced to overhaul and strengthen the regulatory regime for the construction and use of buildings for high-rise residential buildings.

Part of the new building control regime is the introduction of a register of higher risk residential buildings, that is buildings which contain at least 2 residential units and are at least 18 metres in height or at least 7 storeys.

The register opened in April 2023 and those who are identified as the accountable person for a high rise building have until 1st October 2023 to register the buildings they are responsible for. Buildings that remain unregistered after this date are likely to see an investigation, which may result in prosecution.

What do you need to do?

Registrations can be made online via the Gov.Uk website. The process requires the accountable person, or their representative, to provide necessary information about their building (fire and smoke controls, energy supplies, structure, external walls etc) and pay a fee.

We have prepared a summary to help you with the registration process.

The information supplied for registration will provide a basis for future management of the building and engagement between the Building Safety Regulator and the building’s accountable persons.

Future phases of the new regime will focus on helping the principle accountable person/s take ownership and manage risks associated with buildings. Regulations will introduce a safety case approach to managing fire and structural safety during occupation, duties to engage residents, the ongoing management of a digital golden thread of information throughout the building lifecycle and the creation of a mandatory occurrence reporting framework.

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