The Health and Safety Executive issue electrical safety alert following fire

August 13, 2019
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The HSE have issued a safety alert concerning high capacity electrical capacitors in industrial equipment.

The alert follows investigations into a fire in 2018 that occurred in an industrial uninterruptable power supply system manufactured by Vertiv Infrastructure (previously known as Emerson / Chloride). The cause of the fire was traced to the dangerous failure of an ICAR branded capacitor.

industrial uninterruptable power supply systems can be used in a number of areas including the chemical, energy and offshore oil and gas production industries.

Full details of the safety alert and affected systems / capacitors can be found on the HSE’s website at:

Users of such systems are recommended to check the full details of the safety alert and if affected to take a precautionary approach and consider prompt replacement of affected capacitors.

Users are also recommended to review the ventilation and cooling requirements of their systems and ensure that acceptable operating temperatures are not exceeded.

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