July 22, 2022
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Forward tipping dumpers are commonly used on construction sites to move soil and material around the site. As well as general risks associated with all types of construction plants such as collisions between moving plants and pedestrians, there are some specific risks associated with dumpers for example operating dumpers on spoil heaps can lead to instability and overturning. Many dumpers have open operators’ positions protected by a roll-over protection system which, in the event of an overturn, relies on the operator wearing a seat belt to keep them within the protected area, however, the wearing of seat belts is not always fully complied with.

In 2019 The Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group (SFPSG) launched a good practice guide for the safe use of forwarding tipping dumpers.

Recent developments in machine design mean that a number of manufacturers are now supplying dumpers where the operator’s seating position can be rotated 180 degrees giving the operator the option of facing forward and travelling with the skip behind them to improve visibility.

While this improved visibility can significantly improve safety, there are some situations where it is still preferable for the operator to travel facing the skip.

The Construction Industry’s Plant Safety Group have now published an operational protocol for the safe use of dumpers with rotating seats. This guidance is free to download from the Construction Plant-hire Association’s website at: