PIB Risk Management Features In Spring AQD ARMA Magazine

March 30, 2020
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PIB article in ARMA magazine
Managing risk within leisure facilities can be complex, especially within residential apartment blocks. Russell Hatton, Business Development Manager at PIB Risk Management has recently authored an article for ARMA members via their technical publication AQD.

Read an excerpt of the article below, or click here to read the full article.

Property managers can often find themselves responsible for the day-to-day operation of many additional facilities present within residential blocks. Some of the higher risk areas under managing agents’ control can be leisure facilities such as gyms, spas, saunas and particularly swimming pools. This requires managing agents to have an appreciation of the hazards and risks to users of these facilities.

Some of the issues that can be factors in injuries or fatalities can be:
• Lack of supervision
• Insufficient emergency response
• Failure to identify casualties due to unclear pool water
• Unauthorised access to pools
• Prior health problems
• Users consuming food or alcohol before using facilities
• Inexperienced users
• Weak swimmers
• Diving

It is the pool operator’s duty to ensure risks are identified, assessed and controlled. As all property managers will be aware, risk assessments should be completed to cover all risks within the business, but do these often include the leisure facilities as well?


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