PIB Risk Management feature in ARMA UK latest magazine

September 29, 2021
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PIB Risk Management are featured in ARMA UK’s latest AQD magazine, with a double page spread on “Understanding Issues with Combustible Materials in External Wall Systems in High Rise Residential Buildings and the Impact of EWS1 Forms.”

David Plowman, Head of Property Engineering Risk, discusses the risks of combustible materials in external wall systems in high rise residential buildings, and how best to manage these risks.

“Many buildings have been either constructed recently or subsequently amended with consideration of the environmental performance of the building. Many commonly used building materials are selected for their insulating properties, cost and ease of use but are not non-combustible.
There are many buildings which, whilst meeting the building regulations at the time of construction, will contain combustible materials in the external wall system. These can be insulated panels, timber cladding, balconies etc.”

Read the full article here.

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