PIB Group welcomes Ian Cresswell as Head of Construction and Property Management for PIB Risk Management

July 25, 2023
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PIB Risk Management, part of PIB Group, has appointed Ian Cresswell as Head of Construction and Property Management.

Ian has more than 30 years’ experience in the Construction and Health and Safety sectors with particular expertise in residential and commercial schemes

Ian commented: “I am delighted to take up this role with PIB Risk Management. I was ready for a new challenge and am looking forward to growing the risk management sector and the offering we provide for our clients.  We have a young team, committed to our clients – it is a great opportunity and an exciting business to be a part of.”

Ian emphasises the importance of training and consultancy as part of a business’ risk management programme.  He is known for supporting clients in changing their perception and attitudes, focussing on streamlining risk management procedures.

Ian continued: “My mantra is ‘to get rid of the clutter’.  By thinking differently and adopting a different approach, businesses can ensure their Health and Safety practices are simple, mitigate risk, and allow business owners peace of mind.”

Ian’s appointment further strengthens PIB Risk Management’s strategy for growth and development and moving the business forward. From training to consultancy, he is keen to establish excellent client care, fully understanding their business needs, and setting a culture of a project at the outset.

Ian commented: “The role of site management needs to shift, with greater responsibility to facilitate and train employees on site. It’s important to always keep learning. Across construction, people need to have initiative, have the strength of their own convictions to free clients, designers, managers, supervisors and workers to use their full creativity and innovation. There are always new and better ways to be doing things, and there is always an opportunity to tell a new story of change.”

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