January 20, 2021
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With the coronavirus threat ongoing, in many ways 2021 is not getting off to the best of starts.

Wherever you are in the UK there are lockdowns and restrictions currently in place, while the exact details may vary between the different nations, for example garden centres can open in England but must close in Scotland (the opposite applies to golf courses) there are some basic rules that apply everywhere.

As a general rule people are being instructed to stay at home unless they have a reasonable excuse for example for exercise, work, health or to provide voluntary or charitable services.

People can still go to their workplaces and can still travel between the different nations however they should only do so if it is unreasonable to do that work from home.

Where people are continuing to go to a workplace then that workplace should be managed in a Covid-secure manner. This will involve considering such issues as social distancing for workers and visitors, workforce management, the provision of PPE where required and workforce management.

As the rules are in a state of continual update it is not practical to give detailed advice in an article such as this so please speak to your normal PIB Risk management contact or get in touch using [email protected] if you have any questions.

We are continuing to take measures to minimise any potential disruption to our service and ensure our specialists are continuing to work safely and securely, in line with government guidelines. We will endeavour to remain available and committed to providing the same level of advice and service that you would usually enjoy outside of these extraordinary times.

You can find out more information about the current lockdown rules on the websites for the different national Governments:

Northern Ireland