New Passive Fire Protection Guidance

June 29, 2023
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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) have published a series of three Advisory Notes on topics related to passive fire protection as well as updating a previous Advisory Note. These are Advisory Notes 13, 30 and 31, with the updated Advisory Note being number 15.

The first of the three Advisory Notes, number 13, covers the testing of partial penetration products. Partial penetration fire stopping devices are used to stop fire from passing through separating elements. These can include socket boxes, fire protection boxes, putty pads etc. Currently a CEN standard is being made to explain the effective testing of these types of products however for the meantime the Advisory Note suggests that these products are used where they are believed to be required with testing following BS EN13641: Fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements. Walls.

The second Advisory Note, number 30, covers the transition from CE marking to UKCA marking for all passive fire protection products. The guidance goes over each type and section of passive fire protection products and explain to them how they will be impacted by the change and what the future steps for them will be. The Advisory Note is designed to explain what the requirements are for manufacturers and specifiers during the transition period.

The final new Advisory Note, number 31, covers the performance of smoke seals when used with active fire curtains. The Advisory Note was produced following false claims that manufacturers used draught excluders to prevent the passage of cold smoke and as a result this would limit their actual usefulness in a fire resistance test. The Advisory Note explains that performance smoke seals use the same technology that is used in smoke leakage-rated fire resistance doors. As a result where smoke seals are used for a leakage test there is a requirement that they must also be present for the fire test.

Finally the ASFP have made an update to Advisory Note 15, highlighting the interchange of flexible wall systems for service penetration seal systems.

All the advisory notes can be found and downloaded for free from the ASFP website in the publications section under Advisory Notes.

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