New Legislation Sets out Management Standards for Higher Risk Buildings

October 11, 2023
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A new piece of technical legislation, the Higher-Risk Buildings (Management of Safety Risks, etc.) (England) Regulations 2023, has come into force, which sets out duties relating to the Building Safety Regulator, the principle accountable persons and accountable persons, and residents of higher-risk buildings. These include:

  • Regulation 3: Building assessment certificates
  • Regulation 4: Principles for the management of building safety risks
  • Regulation 5: Safety case reports
  • Regulation 6: Mandatory reporting requirements
  • Regulation 7: Standards for keeping information and documents
  • Regulations 8 and 9: The provision of information to regulators and others
  • Regulations 10 and 11: Involvement of residents in building safety risks
  • Regulation 12: Complaints procedures
  • Regulation 13: Contravention notices
  • Regulation 14: Compliance notices
  • Regulation 15: Rights of appeal

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