New Guidance for Medical Oxygen in Care Homes

November 2, 2022
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The British Compressed Gasses Association (BCGA) have issued new guidance covering the safe use of medicinal oxygen, in both gas and liquid form, and associated devices in care homes.

Oxygen therapy is a common treatment used to manage a variety of prevalent health problems. However there are a number of hazards associated with the use of medicinal oxygen including:

  • Fire hazards, oxygen supports the combustion process and increased levels of oxygen in the atmosphere can mean that fire will burn more fiercely and substances that may not normally burn can be ignited.
  • Hazards associated with pressurised cylinders, if involved in fire these can fail catastrophically
  • Exposure to extreme cold e.g. where oxygen stored as a liquid or under pressure expands rapidly in the event of a leak, causing injuries such as frost bite and damage to equipment

The new publication includes guidance on safe storage and movement of oxygen containers.  Guidance on fire safety issues, medicines management, the safe operation and management of medical oxygen containers and security.

Guidance note 46 Medical Gases, Safe Management of Oxygen in Care Homes can be downloaded from the BGCA website at:

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