New Guidance for Lifting Safely

November 3, 2022
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New and updated guidance has recently been made available by the Construction Plant Association covering the safe management and undertaking of lifting operations.

The first of is updated guidance on the use of radio communication for lifting operations. Two way radios are often used where it is not possible to maintain a line of sight between the crane operator and the signaller and as a result the standard hand signals can’t be used.

When radios are used it is vital that good reliable communication is maintained and misunderstandings are avoided. The updated guidance includes concerns such a as specifying suitable equipment, licence requirements, recording communications, correct se, communication standards and training and monitoring users.

TIN 017 is free to download from the CPA’s website at:

The Temporary Works forum have also produced a new guide from assessing and managing crane outrigger loading. This covers factors such as determining the maximum outrigger load, determining the required bearing are and selecting a suitable outrigger mat.

Assessment and Management of outrigger Loading can be downloaded from the CPA website at:

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