New Guidance for Goods Vehicle Operators Using Longer Semi-Trailers

June 29, 2023
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Introduced as part of plans to allow the more efficient movement of goods and reduce carbon dioxide emissions as of 31st May 2023 longer semi-trailers have been allowed on British roads. Semi-trailers used by trucks can now measure up to 15.56 metres long, 2.05 metres longer than traditional standard semi-trailers.

DVSA highlight that those intending to use longer semi-trailers need to notify the Office of the Traffic Commissioner through the Vehicle Operator Licensing system. In order to support this change the DVSA has released a set of guidance for operators regarding the implementation of longer semi-trailers.

The guidance, published 30th May 2023, is aimed at operators of longer semi-trailers, and is intended to ensure that operators are using the trailers to their best effectiveness as well as ensuring that they are operated safely. Included within the guidance is information on:

  • The general use and the benefits of longer semi-trailers
  • Longer semi-trailer order, including specific measurements
  • Appropriate longer semi-trailer usage
  • Conditions for use for new longer semi-trailer operators
  • Route planning and risk assessment
  • Compliance record keeping
  • Longer semi-trailer driver training and management
  • Wider staff awareness and training
  • The transition from the longer semi-trailer trial to wider usage

The full guidance can be found at read on the website under the department of transport section.

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