January 6, 2020
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Hoists and mast climbing work platforms are often used in construction as a convenient way of getting people and materials to and from high workplaces. All such equipment will require a base or foundation which is capable of safely taking the loads imposed on it by the equipment and the load carried.

When free standing most equipment can only move a small distance up the mast before it becomes unstable and risks overturning, in order to reach the heights required most such equipment also require support from an adjacent structure, such as a building, to remain stable.

The Construction Plant Association (CPA) have produced new guidance on suitable means for tying construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms to these supporting structures. This new guide aims to provide clear guidance on tie and base design, the selection and installation of fixings, and the presentation of temporary works information in a standard format.

This is free to download from the CPS’s website at: