New Fire Safety Guide for Building Owners and Operators in Ireland

October 11, 2023
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The National Directorate for Fire & Emergency Management in Ireland has released a new fire safety guide focused on helping building owners and operators with fire safety.

The guide helps with the fire safety responsibilities under section 18(2) of the Fire Services Acts 1981 and 2003, which place duties on individuals having control over all types of premises other than a single dwelling house. The Irish Government states that this guide will introduce a recognised national approach and framework to fire safety for building operators. It will also help identify the individual who is responsible for fire safety and the specific tasks that should be completed for particular circumstances of each building.

The guidance is split into 8 sections including an introduction, the interpretation of regulations, the person having control (including identifying them), requirements under the Fire Services Acts, main duties, fire safety maintenance and testing, specifics for buildings containing flats and apartments and recommended routine maintenance schedules. Alongside this there is an extensive number of appendices covering other publications, requirements for landlords, instructions for residents and occupants as well as other key documents.

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