New Awareness Campaign Targets Residents Of High-Rise Buildings

April 8, 2024
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The Building Safety Regulator recently launched a new campaign to raise awareness among residents of high-rise buildings of the rights that they have under the Building Safety Act. For this Act, high-rise residential buildings are defined as those that have at least two residential units and are either 7 storey or 18 metres high.


The campaign explains the roles that accountable persons and principal accountable persons have in managing the risks from the spread of fire and structural failure in the building, including:

  • Providing residents with safety information
  • Engaging with residents, listening to their concerns, and encouraging active involvement and feedback
  • Providing a clear process for raising concerns and complaints


There is a campaign website where residents can find further information, including when and how they can make a complaint to the Building Safety Regulator if they still have concerns after reporting a safety issue to the building’s manager.


The campaign website also includes a link to the register of high-rise residential buildings, which residents can now search to find out whether their building has been registered and what information the Building Safety Regulator holds about the building.


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