July 8, 2020
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Fire and rescue statistics released by the Home Office for England the year ending December 2019 show a 10% fall in the number of fire related fatalities from 262 in the previous year to 237 in the latest year.

In the same period, Fire and Rescue Services in England attended 157,156 fires, a drop of 12% from the previous year (178,200 fires). However these figures are affected by weather and the number of fires in 2018 was affected by a particularly hot, dry summer.

Overall Fire and Rescue Services attended 555,759 incidents in the year including 229,882 false alarms and 16,721 non-fire incidents such as road traffic and medical incidents. At around 41% of all incidents, it is clear that false alarms take up a significant amount of resources.

Deliberate fires also showed a fall in the year to December 2019 falling by 9% from 79,394 in 2018 to 72,154.

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