December 19, 2019
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In May 2019 we reported on how the Scottish Government had launched a consultation on proposed actions to strengthen fire safety for people who live in high rise buildings following the Grenfell tragedy.

A draft document was included with the consultation setting out proposed fire safety guidance for existing high rise domestic buildings. This guidance has now been agreed and the finalised version has been published.

Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Existing High Rise Domestic Buildings is available to download from the Scottish government website at

The guide is aimed at those who have responsibility for example owners, managers, landlords etc and covers various topics including:
• Assessing the risk to persons and carrying out a fire risk assessment;
• Fire prevention measures, for example maintaining good housekeeping, managing smoking, tacking action to discourage arson, electrical inspections, lightning protection etc;
• Physical fire safety measures such as fire separation, escape routes, signs, detection and alarm systems, facilities for firefighters etc; and
• Ongoing management of fire safety risks.

Although the guide may be of interest it is not specifically aimed at residents. Separately the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have launched a campaign distributing fire safety leaflets to residents of high rise buildings. As well as delivering to homes the leaflets will also be available in libraries and community centres in all 15 Scottish local authorities with the properties. Further information and copies of the leaflet can be found on the Scottish Fire and Rescue website at:

Fire does not respect national boundaries, while the new guidance is aimed at properties in Scotland it may also be useful to those in other locations.

Please speak to your normal PIB Risk management contact or get in touch using [email protected] if you have any questions about fire safety or would like to arrange a fire risk assessment for your premises.