DVSA Update Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

June 27, 2023
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The DVSA have updated, as of 18th April 2023, their existing guidance, originally published 22nd April 2014, about maintaining the road worthiness of commercial goods and passenger carrying vehicles.

The guidance is over 100 pages long and covers a wide range of aspects of maintaining road worthiness of such vehicles including guidance on:

  • Responsibilities for roadworthiness
  • Daily walkaround checks
  • Regular safety inspections, first use inspection and intermediate safety checks
  • Safety inspection and repair facilities
  • Monitoring

Additionally there are example defect reports, safety inspections, two example diagrams showing which areas of a HGV and PSV need to be checked during a routine walkaround of the vehicles.

The DVSA highlights that the publication is essential reading for transport managers and drivers of lorries and buses with the information provided in the publication making it easier to keep vehicles safe on the road and preventing incidents from occurring.

The guidance is available to download for free on the gov.uk website using.

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