Draft Higher Risk Buildings Regulations Launched

March 17, 2023
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Draft Higher-Risk Buildings (Key Building Information Etc) Regulations have been laid before parliament and are expected to come into force in April 2023.

The regulations are part of ongoing government reforms to increase fire safety in residential buildings following the Grenfell fire and subsequent inquiries. The regulations set out what high-level information, known as “key building information”, the principal accountable person will be required to provide to the Building Safety Regulator.

The regulations also intend to provide clarity on which accountable person is responsible for which parts of the building in cases where there are multiple accountable persons.

The regulations will allow the Building Safety Regulator to analyse trends and risks in high-rise buildings and then use that information to arrange assessments of fire and structural safety when checking for similar buildings or systems if an issue is found. This will increase the overall information available about buildings and will thus help support safety in buildings.

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