October 5, 2020
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Some changes to the EU drivers’ hours and tachographs rules came into force on 20th August 2020. These changes include:
• a requirement for drivers to ‘return home’ every 4 weeks, that is to their base or country of residence
• a ban on taking regular weekly rest periods in the driver’s vehicle. Such rest periods must be taken in suitable accommodation with adequate sleeping and sanitary facilities such as a hotel, hostel, guest or boarding house, chalet, static caravan or rental accommodation. Cost for accommodation outside the vehicle must be met by the employer.
• a new definition of ‘non-commercial carriage’
• more flexibility on the scheduling of the rest periods for some drivers on international carriage of goods
• new provisions for rests and breaks for drivers when journeys involve transport by ferry or by rail
• a new requirement to keep a full record of all other work

Updated guidance on the rules for goods vehicles can be found on the Gov.UK website at:

And for passenger carrying vehicles at:

Both guides have been updated to include new sections on the responsibilities of vehicle operators