Building Safety Consultations Launched

March 17, 2023
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As the new Building Safety Regulator the HSE have recently launched a couple of consultations seeking views from industry professionals.

The first consultation is seeking comments on the HSE’s guidance document “Competence information for managing building safety on higher-risk buildings” which summarises British Standard PAS 8673:2022 Built Environment. Competence requirements for safety management – Specification” and is aimed at those manging building safety risks in “higher-risk buildings” i.e. residential buildings over 18 meters high or with at least 7 storeys.

The second consultation is seeking comments on the HSE’s guidance document “Building safety competence information for principal contractors and principal designers” which aims to help principal designers and contractors understand the building safety competencies (skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours) and the organisational capability they need to carry out their roles. The document is also intended to help clients when appointing principal designers and contractors.

Both consultations are due to close on 24th April 2023.

The Building Safety Regulator is also looking to establish an Industry Competence Committee to monitor and provide advice regarding industry competence. Applications are now being invited from interested parties to join the committee.

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