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We offer our clients a holistic brand of risk management that sets us apart from our competitors. Unlike many consultancies, we embrace the concept of ‘risk’ in its widest sense to provide our clients with the tools to manage their sector specific risks that go beyond the confines of health and safety. At PIB Risk Management we will advise you that risk management is about leadership, culture and process. Good intentions fall short if not backed up by effective processes. The right attitudes and culture flowing from top to bottom, and back again, will deliver the strongest results.

Creating a risk management environment

Before we begin working with you, we will conduct a review of your organisation as a whole as part of the continuous risk improvement cycle we implement with all our clients.

Our review will formulate your unique risk register leading to a Management Action Plan, using our risk mapping techniques.

Risk Mapping

As an aid to effective corporate governance, the creation of an up-to-date risk management plan and risk register is critical. Risk Mapping will assist the ‘influencing minds’ of your organisation to find a starting point and produce a workable action plan to ensure continual improvements are planned, implemented and monitored.

Risk Mapping will not only cover the ‘narrow’ risks but also risks relating to the environment, business reputation and health and safety. Some of the risk topics we will cover with Risk Mapping include:

  • Governance structures
  • Internal / external management controls
  • Business continuity management (BCM)
  • Data protection
  • Driver safety
  • Environmental management
  • Human resources
  • Information Technology
  • Quality management
  • Safeguarding
  • Security management
  • Training requirements

Once resources and timescales have been agreed with senior personnel, PIB Risk Management will work in partnership with you to address your highlighted ‘risk areas’ which are prioritised in order of high, medium and low risk ratings. The level of ongoing support we provide is determined by your overall level of compliance, however all our clients take comfort in regular support from their dedicated risk manager whenever it is required.

Risk monitoring, auditing and continual improvement

Risk management never finishes and we won’t simply walk away leaving you without support when you need it. With all of our risk management assignments we will determine with you a plan for testing, monitoring and continuous improvement. Some clients have the resources to take forward risk management without our ongoing involvement and we see that as a great outcome because they have fully engaged in strong risk management. Other clients want the reassurance of periodic engagement in many different forms and we are able to provide a service which meets their requirements.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for help and advice on meeting your risk management requirements, please drop us a line.

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