Physical and personal security is vital to the infrastructure of an organisation as it protects not only the information assets but also the most critical assets, its people. At PIB Risk Management, we believe that security remains, even today, one of the principle risk areas that an organisation must always look to strengthen. As such, our team has the ability to conduct threat assessments and risk analysis of your organisation to ensure the safety of your workforce and assets.

Are you protected?

Security planning today can determine the security and resilience of your organisation for the future. Our security services will enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your organisation. PIB Risk Management can help you create a robust security environment with the following services:

Threat Assessment – Comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments are essential to the security of your organisation. We look at security from every angle to mitigate risks – from the physical environment, to the human element, and the role of technology. With a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, we can help you anticipate and manage potential sources of new threats.

Security Audits – Security measures are of little use if they are not enforced. Our security audit assesses how effectively your organisation’s policies are being implemented. This will identify any gaps and vulnerabilities that may exist in your current systems and procedures.

Security Planning – Producing an adaptable plan that enables you to prioritise, estimate and implement risk mitigation measures is vital to good security risk management. We will assess your organisation as a whole and address all aspects of security planning simultaneously to provide you with a security master plan that serves as a coordinated and cohesive security solution.

Policy & Procedure Development – We can develop policies and procedures tailored to the exact risks you face. These procedures can cover risks like workplace violence, bomb threats, active shooters and natural disasters, and will also define the duties and responsibilities for everyone at your organisation.