July 8, 2019
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The Temporary Works Forum (TWF), a not for profit company, has published a good practice guide for the design of granular working platforms for construction plant.

Construction sites often involve the use of various types of plant which will need to travel around and operate from different locations on site. Granular platforms are temporary structures, consisting of compacted granular fill, installed to allow construction plant and vehicles to travel and/or operate on site. This can include general hard standings, site access / haul roads and working platforms for operations such as crane lifts and piling.

The new good practice guide aims to bud on existing guidance and improve consistency in the way this guidance is applied. In provides recommendations for the overall design of working platforms and is intended primarily for temporary works designers, in particular less experienced engineers. It may also help others involved in the procurement and use of granular working platforms.

The guide can be downloaded from the TWF’s website at:

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