Fire Risk Management

Most workplace premises have a legal responsibility to carry out a fire risk assessment under current fire regulations. PIB Risk Management believe that you can’t take risks with fire; nor should you with fire risk assessments. That is why we have a highly qualified and experienced team of assessors who will assist you to carry out any fire risk assessments and prepare user-friendly reports, including details on any action required.

Keeping you safe

PIB Risk Management can support your organisation with a number of proactive fire safety management services. Our team will carry out fire risk assessments with you which will include:

Reviewing your workplace for sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen to reduce the risk of fire starting and sustaining itself.

Identifying the people who are at risk in a potential fire emergency.

Checking fire safety equipment is appropriate for your organisation.

Reviewing your maintenance programme to ensure it is adequate to meet current legislation.

Developing your evacuation strategy.

Performing a fire safety training needs analysis.

Providing accredited and non-accredited fire safety training, where appropriate.

Accompanying you during an enforcement visit if required.

Our experienced team will carry out thorough risk assessments of your organisation, across multiple locations if relevant, to make managing your compliance with fire regulations as easy as possible.

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